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Brit Kills Friend with a [...]

Brit Kills Friend with a Slab of Concrete, Uses His Money on Gambling Trip

A British man faces a lengthy jail sentence for a heinous crime. He allegedly killed his friend before stealing his money so he could gamble and buy drugs.

Lukas Domeradzki
Lukas Domeradzki in a police mug shot. He is heading to jail after killing a man and robbing him to gamble. (Image: West Midlands Police)

Lukas Domeradzki has a seriously evil side. The Mirror reports that the British man and his friend, Sebastian “Seba” Zygmunt, were passing time at another friend’s house on the evening of June 7 of last year. They left together the following morning and headed to Zygmunt’s house. But only one of the two would walk out alive.

While in the home, the 35-year-old reportedly dropped a concrete slab on his friend’s head that led to his death. He then robbed him of his money, which he spent around town at bookmakers. For £2,000 (US$2,445), his friend lost his life.

Deadly End to Friendship

Although it isn’t clear what possessed Domeradzki to carry out his crimes, police quickly put the pieces of the puzzle together. The killer allegedly grabbed a concrete slab from the backyard of the home just before 9 AM before returning inside.

About 20 minutes later, Domeradzki exited the home. He was wearing Seba’s clothing and was carrying his duffel bag. From there, Domeradzki went from one bookmaker to another, intermingling his stops with trips to purchase booze and clothes. He reportedly placed wagers in Olton and Birmingham before eventually returning home.

Throughout his run, Domeradzki used Seba’s phone, which he carried in the duffle bag, to send text messages to Seba’s girlfriend. This was an attempt to convince her that everything was alright so she wouldn’t worry.

However, the plan didn’t hold up for long. At a little after 6 that evening, Seba’s body was discovered inside his home. Next to it was the concrete slab, covered in blood.

Police Wrap Up Case Quickly

It’s increasingly more difficult to get away with crimes in the UK. Some thieves and murderers may be able to escape for a while, but plenty of others are caught quickly. This is because of the more than 5.2 million CCTV cameras in place across the country.

Those cameras helped bring Domeradzki’s actions to light. Not only did the footage show him leaving Seba’s house and locking the door, but it also showed him walking away with his friend’s goods. In one capture, he was also seen in the backyard of the home, possibly retrieving the slab he eventually used as a weapon.

The cameras, as well as the mobile phone he was carrying, tracked his movements on the street, showing where he went and what he purchased with the stolen money. Seba had reportedly been saving that money to take a vacation, possibly with his girlfriend.

Once police began putting the pieces of the puzzle together, they were able to add additional evidence. They sent the slab to the lab for testing and analysis uncovered Domeradzki’s DNA on it. They now had enough evidence to submit charges and arrest Domeradzki.

Under interrogation, he admitted to having used illicit drugs the day the incident occurred. He was in a corner and had no way out, but wasn’t going to be able to use any “under the influence” argument to escape. Yesterday, a judge dropped the gavel, convicting him of murder and sending him away for 30 years.

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